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Omni 40+ FAQ

How do I know if my device is compatible with the Omni 40+?

USB-A Output:. The Omni 40+ USB-A ports can provide a maximum output power of 18W and are compatible with all standard USB-A devices. If your device supports QC 3.0, it can be safely charged using Omnicharge's USB-A ports. USB-C Output:. The USB-C po

How to calibrate the battery

All batteries degrade over time, causing changes in their charging and discharging characteristics. To ensure accurate battery percentage, calibrate Omnicharge's battery upon receiving the product and periodically in the future. Follow these simple s

How to use the DC output

The DC output function enables you to directly charge your laptop using the barrel port on the Omni 40+. In the case of Omni 40+, this same port serves as both input and output, but you must first activate the DC output feature in the menu. This appr

My Omnicharge is outputting power when nothing is connected

You may have noticed that the output section on your Omnicharge constantly has a low wattage output displayed. This is perfectly normal behavior. This output is required to power the onboard circuits and display. This passive power draw usually falls

What is USB PD?

Omnicharge products feature USB-C ports with full support for USB Power Delivery (PD), a universal charging standard that works with a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, phones, and more. This means that you can use one universal USB-

Can I solar charge the Omnicharge?

Omnicharge is very versatile in its options for charging and can be charged by portable solar panels via USB or unregulated DC solar power. Most solar panels provide a USB outlet that you can use with Omnicharge's USB charging cable. Some solar charg

Can I carry my Omnicharge with me on the plane?

Yes!. All Omnicharge products can be brought safely onboard planes. The capacity of the Omni 40+ is 142 Wh and falls within the Federal Aviation Administration’s safety limit. For normal batteries, the capacity limit to bring on a plane is 100Wh, and

How long can Omnicharge charge your laptop?

This question involves some complexity due to the variable power consumption of your laptop, depending on whether you're gaming or simply browsing the internet. This variability impacts the time and percentage of charge that Omnicharge can provide to


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